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Backbreaker Ratings Explained

Backbreaker Ratings Explained

Backbreaker Ratings Explained
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Backbreaker has 4 ratings, which are described as focus, agility, speed, and strength.  While simplicity is good, Backbreaker rating system becomes a little too simplistic when you want to create NFL teams with custom ratings.

Backbreaker NFL rosters are created using modding software, but the 4 ratings can make the process a bit complicated when trying to replicate the ability of a NFL player.  For example, Backbreaker’s focus rating at the quarterback position accounts for throwing accuracy and awareness.  There is no way to use a separate rating for each, so if you give a quarterback 97 focus, in Backbreaker he’ll have 97 accuracy and 97 awareness.  It works the same way with each of the 4 ratings in Backbreaker.

Below is a positional breakdown of the 4 ratings in Backbreaker.


Backbreaker 》Focus Rating

Focus in Backbreaker is awareness for all positions, but focus is more than just awareness.

  • Quarterbacks: Awareness, Throwing Accuracy
  • Running Backs: Awareness (Vision), Catching
  • Wide Receivers & Tight Ends: Awareness, Catching
  • Offensive Lineman: Awareness
  • Defensive Players: Awareness, Catching
  • Kickers & Punters: Accuracy
  • Kick Returners: Awareness (Vision)



Backbreaker 》Agility Rating

The agility rating in Backbreaker is the ability to change direction, but it’s much more than that for some positions.

  • Quarterbacks: Triggers pocket scrambling by the cpu, acceleration, elusiveness, throwing speed
  • Running Backs: acceleration, elusiveness, route running (faster cuts)
  • Wide Receivers & Tight Ends: acceleration, elusiveness, route running (faster cuts)
  • Offensive Lineman: acceleration
  • Defensive Players: acceleration, elusiveness (with ball), finesse pass rusher moves
  • Kickers & Punters: acceleration (kick the ball faster) Greathouse patch kinda disabled this for kickers/punters.  All kickers/punters seem to have the same kick speed after the patch.
  • Kick Returners: acceleration, elusiveness



Backbreaker 》Speed Rating

This is a no-brainer.  Speed is speed no matter how you look at it.

  • Quarterbacks: Speed
  • Running Backs: Speed
  • Wide Receivers & Tight Ends: Speed
  • Offensive Lineman: Speed
  • Defensive Players: Speed
  • Kickers & Punters: Speed
  • Kick Returners: Speed



Backbreaker 》Strength Rating

Strength in Backbreaker is another common sense rating, but it also has other positional attributes as well.

  • Quarterbacks: Throwing power, break tackling
  • Running Backs: Break tackling, blocking
  • Wide Receivers & Tight Ends: Catch In Traffic, blocking, break tackling
  • Offensive Lineman: Blocking (ability to hold a block longer)
  • Defensive Players: Tackling, hit power, block shedding
  • Kickers & Punters: Kick power, hit power (if engaged in a tackle)
  • Kick Returners: Break Tackling





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