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The Alaska Huskies Backbreaker Football League roster contains a total of 37 active players which are a combination of 4 gold players, 7 silver, and 26 bronze players.  This list is auto-sorted by player jersey number, but can be sorted by name, position, height, weight, experience, college, or even high school.  There are 2 athletes on the Alaska Huskies roster that will not be listed as starters, but will play major roles on the team.  

Season 1

#PlayerPositionHTWTEXPCollegeHigh School
1player placeholderDevon JamesQB5'112071N/AN/A
2player placeholderBillie CabralK5'81651N/AN/A
3player placeholderShore BreenharowQB6'42131N/AN/A
4player placeholderBraxton DashQB6'12001N/AN/A
5player placeholderDavon CookRB6'02051N/AN/A
6player placeholderRonald PattonP5'91651N/AN/A
10player placeholderWhite ChocolateRB5'91751N/AN/A
11player placeholderStezo Woods Jr.WR6'42053N/AN/A
12player placeholderRick CrossWR6'42111N/AN/A
15player placeholderDaquin BolinWR6'3208RN/AN/A
17player placeholderQuentin DeeCB, WR6'11771N/AN/A
20player placeholderByrel WilsonS6'02043N/AN/A
23player placeholderShut Down SteveCB6'12001N/AN/A
26player placeholderShaw LaneRB5'81601N/AN/A
32player placeholderRyan HahnS6'01973N/AN/A
33player placeholderBennie OrtizCB6'11901N/AN/A
34player placeholderBen GentryRB5'112152N/AN/A
37player placeholderJ.R. CookCB6'21891N/AN/A
45player placeholderDashCB, WR5'91701N/AN/A
50player placeholderLarry BarronLG6'43111N/AN/A
52player placeholderJack RullersonOLB6'2245RN/AN/A
55player placeholderJack MannOLB6'6245RN/AN/A
56player placeholderCedric AcherMLB6'4237RN/AN/A
60player placeholderTristin SchumacherC6'6315RN/AN/A
62player placeholderAmos AllisonRT6'7323RN/AN/A
76player placeholderEric ReedDE6'42661N/AN/A
77player placeholderTaylor OwensRG6'5303RN/AN/A
78player placeholderHeath ChristieDT6'53011N/AN/A
79player placeholderKelton SchottLT6'2297RN/AN/A
80player placeholderJay BradyTE6'52451N/AN/A
81player placeholderPorter GentryTE6'52602N/AN/A
87player placeholderRoy BanksTE6'42381N/AN/A
91player placeholderBen HoustonDE6'3277RN/AN/A
92player placeholderEan SanderDT6'42991N/AN/A
97player placeholderKaden MoralesMLB6'32401N/AN/A
98player placeholderJacob GarnerN6'22921N/AN/A
99player placeholderSincere SampsonDT6'43311N/AN/A
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