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dakota spartans roster

The Dakota Spartans Backbreaker Football League roster contains a total of 39 active players which are a combination of 3 gold players, 11 silver, and 23 bronze players.  This list is auto-sorted by player jersey number, but can be sorted by name, position, height, weight, experience, college, or even high school. 

Season 1

#PlayerPositionHTWTEXPCollegeHigh School
1 Dakota Spartans BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football League Adrian Hill IIKR, WR5'9180RN/AN/A
2player placeholderMarkel CoxRB5'111651N/AN/A
4player placeholderNoel BookerQB6'3207RN/AN/A
7player placeholderDre DrizzyQB6'0207RNew OrleansN/A
9 Dakota Spartans_Backbreaker Football League Wallpaper Amare BrownKR5'9178RN/AN/A
11player placeholderA.J. AndersonCB6'01921N/AN/A
13player placeholderJoshua RandalWR6'22131N/AN/A
17 Dakota Spartans BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football League Cawuan MaddenMLB6'2230RN/AN/A
18 Dakota Spartans BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football League Joey BombsQB6'6244RN/AN/A
21player placeholderDanny CortezS6'11971N/AN/A
21 Dakota Spartans BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football League Sablin JamesCB6'0197RN/AN/A
23player placeholderDominic SequieraCB5'111701N/AN/A
26player placeholderRoderick MooreDE6'62753N/AN/A
27player placeholderCalvin ForthRB5'10180RN/AN/A
33player placeholderHunter LuebeckRB5'11207RN/AN/A
34player placeholderMatthew SibanyoniWR5'7163RN/AN/A
35player placeholderJake RobersonOLB6'32631N/AN/A
36player placeholderRahul TroutCB6'22021N/AN/A
37player placeholderAlijah CoombsS6'0203RN/AN/A
38player placeholderJosh GroveFB6'2228RN/AN/A
42player placeholderCedric McTainerCB6'01971N/AN/A
44 Dakota Spartans BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football League Odey GregoryDE6'1230RN/AN/A
45player placeholderTaylor McNelisWR6'01881N/AN/A
52player placeholderEzekiel HiattOLB6'22351N/AN/A
54 Dakota Spartans BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football League Hakeem JuniorMLB6'3244RN/AN/A
66player placeholderByron DunbarLT6'3311RN/AN/A
67player placeholderJosue SteppRT6'32931N/AN/A
68 Dakota Spartans BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football League Jack BlandardRG6'3287RN/AN/A
76player placeholderAugustus GinnLG6'5315RN/AN/A
77player placeholderTanner ElyC6'2300RN/AN/A
80player placeholderJ’Vonn GreenTE6'4254RN/AN/A
83player placeholderTommy EscamillaTE6'7270RN/AN/A
85player placeholderMiles YoungerTE6'5263RN/AN/A
88player placeholderCayden AshmoreWR6'02053N/AN/A
90player placeholderNick LeboeufDT6'22891N/AN/A
93player placeholderGlenn WeinerN6'32921N/AN/A
97player placeholderBobby Long LegK, P6'72001N/AN/A
98player placeholderMathieu DoucierDT6'6325RN/AN/A
99player placeholderJerry HoggDT6'7360RMiamiN/A
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