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daytona racers roster

The Daytona Racers Backbreaker Football League roster contains a total of 39 active players which are a combination of 5 gold players, 3 silver, and 32 bronze players.  This list is auto-sorted by player jersey number, but can be sorted by name, position, height, weight, experience, college, or even high school. 

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Season 1

#PlayerPositionTierHTWTEXPCollegeHigh School
2usaTayvon CozartRB★ Bronze 5'10190RN/AN/A
3usaRayshawn CozartWR★ Bronze 5'9175RN/AN/A
4usaJeremiah WelchQB✰ Silver6'2208RSlapahoe UniversityN/A
5usaTristan CantrellWR★ Bronze 6'4195RNew OrleansN/A
6usaIsaac MedinaK★ Bronze5'81651N/AN/A
8usaKevin KendallRB★ Bronze 6'02002N/AN/A
10usaHunter JonesWR✪ Gold5'9170RN/AN/A
11usaElijah JordanWR✰ Silver5'111801N/AN/A
12usaGrant TannerQB(C) Captain6'4217RN/AN/A
13canJason BatistaWR✰ Silver5'81551N/AN/A
16usaAbel BoylesP★ Bronze5'71551N/AN/A
18usaTom KatOLB★ Bronze6'2235RN/AN/A
21usaCole DegroatCB✰ Silver6'0190RN/AN/A
25mexArmando NoriegaS✰ Silver6'02101N/AN/A
26usaStewart CooperRB★ Bronze 6'0205RN/AN/A
28usaAndrew GaymonRB✰ Silver5'9175RN/AN/A
29usaJohn FlashCB★ Bronze 5'10191RN/AN/A
38usaLorenzo KingCB✰ Silver6'2204RN/AN/A
39usaLightningKR✪ Gold5'9170RN/AN/A
40usaFrancis QuinnCB★ Bronze 5'11187RN/AN/A
41usaTristen StroudCB★ Bronze 5'9177RN/AN/A
42usaShane VoelkerS✰ Silver6'1205RN/AN/A
52usaAustin CappalettiMLB★ Bronze6'2260RN/AN/A
53usaGiovanni LambertRG★ Bronze6'2290RN/AN/A
54usaTommy DicksonMLB★ Bronze6'1233RN/AN/A
55usaJake CollierOLB★ Bronze6'22501N/AN/A
57usaJarod CabralRT★ Bronze6'6340RN/AN/A
66usaJaiden DobsonLT★ Bronze6'5311RN/AN/A
69usaChristopher GauthierLG★ Bronze6'4315RN/AN/A
70usaJerome DowlingDE★ Bronze6'6275RN/AN/A
73usaJoaquin WigginsC★ Bronze6'1295RN/AN/A
78usaWill DavisDT★ Bronze6'4300RN/AN/A
82usaOrlando BustamanteTE★ Bronze6'6267RN/AN/A
86usaNathanial CopeTE★ Bronze6'62601N/AN/A
89usaKeaton PoolTE★ Bronze6'4254RN/AN/A
91usaCalvin LynnN★ Bronze6'2310RN/AN/A
95usaTerry PersonDE★ Bronze6'4268RN/AN/A
96usaBeff JonesDT★ Bronze6'4331RN/AN/A
98usaVictor BarbourDT★ Bronze6'3305RN/AN/A

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