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dirty birds roster

The Dirty Birds Backbreaker Football League roster contains a total of 39 active players which are a combination of 3 gold players, 7 silver, and 28 bronze players.  This list is auto-sorted by player jersey number, but can be sorted by name, position, height, weight, experience, college, or even high school. 

Season 1

#PlayerPositionHTWTEXPCollegeHigh School
1usaUno RunoQB6'1201RN/AN/A
1usaKurt DillonCB5'9180RN/AN/A
2usaSammy BennettCB6'02042N/AN/A
2usaCam NortonRB6'2221RN/AN/A
3usaFrank BulletQB6'32202N/AN/A
3usaNico WellsK5'7160RN/AN/A
4usaGeorge WoodruffPR, S6'0200RN/AN/A
5usaRafael Urmaza IVKR, PR, S, WR6'0208RMiamiN/A
6usaJeremiah HodgesRB5'11190RN/AN/A
10mexEldon DiasP6'3200RN/AN/A
12usaMarcus SmithKR, WR6'0202RN/AN/A
13usaBrendan JeffersonWR6'1195RMiamiN/A
14usaCam SantiagoWR6'4202RN/AN/A
16usaDecauri BoldenWR6'22021N/AN/A
19usaZay PhillipQB6'4220RN/AN/A
24usaGriffin SimmonsRB5'11205RN/AN/A
26usaJerry WatkinsRB6'12212N/AN/A
26usaJaquan BegleyCB6'32151N/AN/A
28usaSamson ChisolmCB6'12111N/AN/A
39usaIsaiah HippardCB, PR6'22013N/AN/A
54usaTed Harris IIMLB6'32453N/AN/A
58usaDavid NumbersLT6'53301N/AN/A
63usaJames DorseyLG6'3318RN/AN/A
71usaIsaiah McKinnleyRG6'3317RN/AN/A
77braJonas AguilleraC6'33011N/AN/A
78usaMario SandersRT6'7317RN/AN/A
84usaKeanu KnottsTE6'32501N/AN/A
85usaLevi SalcidoTE6'22401N/AN/A
89usaBrock EbertTE6'6251RN/AN/A
90usaDion JeffreyDT6'3308RNew OrleansN/A
91usaDramon WilliamsDE6'4236RN/AN/A
93usaRick AndreMLB6'42531N/AN/A
94usaIsaiah SillemonDE6'4260RMiamiN/A
96usaVan HarryDT6'32871N/AN/A
97usaTy GibbsN6'73211N/AN/A
99usaNick BrownerDT6'4301RN/AN/A
99jpnLee DelongOLB6'2254RN/AN/A
99mexSantino MoralesOLB6'3245RN/AN/A
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