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The Florida Roughriders Backbreaker Football League roster contains a total of 39 active players which are a combination of 2 gold players, 4 silver, and 34 bronze players.  This list is auto-sorted by player jersey number, but can be sorted by name, position, height, weight, experience, college, or even high school. 

Season 1

#PlayerPositionTierHTWTEXPCollegeHigh SchoolArchetypeFocAGISPDSTRSkin Tone
1player placeholderJessey FerreiraRB★ Bronze 5'8180RN/AN/ASpeed Back477277386
2player placeholderJ.P. AkiraRB★ Bronze 5'9170RN/AN/ASpeed Back427478315
3player placeholderCougar GreathouseQB✪ Gold6'3230RN/AN/AMobile (Power)757984916
4player placeholderTwanny JenkinsOLB★ Bronze6'2254RN/AN/ABlitzing LB396748325
5 Florida Roughriders BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football League Eric StroughterCB, WR(C) Captain6'01604FSUN/AATH (Speed) 959896935
6player placeholderC.J. MontanaQB★ Bronze 6'4215RN/AN/AMobile (Speed)387778516
7player placeholderDwon EllisRB★ Bronze 5'112231N/AN/APower Back3852795811
8player placeholderAdam GravesWR★ Bronze 6'4208RN/AN/APossession Receiver545875536
9 Florida Roughriders BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football League Flo PrimeOLB★ Bronze6'3261RN/AN/ARun Stopper383439565
10player placeholderTyson BarbosaP★ Bronze6'32001N/AN/ALong Range573030525
11player placeholderCaleb AkintayoQB✪ Gold6'6220RN/AN/AMobile (Speed)7190887911
12player placeholderJordan SavageWR★ Bronze 6'0190RN/AN/ADeep Threat4172773411
13player placeholderDavid McGeeKR, WR★ Bronze 6'1190RN/AN/ADeep Threat427376365
14player placeholderJayln JohnsonRB★ Bronze 5'11190RN/AN/ASpeed Back4172793011
17player placeholderEdley MossWR★ Bronze 6'3208RN/AN/APossession Receiver525174505
19 Florida Roughriders BFL Logo_Backbreaker Football League Kintrell WhatleyKR★ Bronze 5'11178RN/AN/ASpeed Returner5985873411
21player placeholderSam KubertS★ Bronze 6'0190RN/AN/ABall Hawk547470356
25player placeholderPatrick McGee Jr.CB★ Bronze 6'0201RN/AN/AMan Coverage3974773411
27player placeholderMatthias ThrasherS★ Bronze 6'32151N/AN/AHard Hitter3368745111
35player placeholderRodney RustmanCB★ Bronze 6'2200RN/AN/AHard Hitter3160775211
36player placeholderRon BakerCB★ Bronze 6'2210RN/AN/AHard Hitter346174566
40player placeholderSheldon DrakeCB★ Bronze 6'12071N/AN/AZone Coverage5162754811
58player placeholderPorter LassiterC★ Bronze6'22991N/AN/AZone Blocker355854326
59player placeholderDoug WhitleyLT★ Bronze6'4295RN/AN/AZone Blocker345857315
61player placeholderJack BrennerRG✰ Silver6'23001N/AN/ABodyguard734241616
65player placeholderDonnie PurnellDT★ Bronze 6'62971N/AN/APower Rusher3942344711
66player placeholderBoston SharkeyDE✰ Silver6'42381N/AN/ASpeed Rusher4875715611
68player placeholderKeyon LemkeN★ Bronze 6'33031N/AN/APower Rusher3940374211
70player placeholderOrlando SunLG★ Bronze6'1295RN/AN/AZone Blocker3951563011
77player placeholderYusuf HolbrookRT★ Bronze 6'63001N/AN/ABodyguard583633445
80player placeholderEfran DelatorreTE★ Bronze 6'6266RN/AN/ABlocking TE3236385311
87player placeholderJason RollinsTE★ Bronze 6'62551N/AN/ABlocking TE303839506
88player placeholderWill JamisonTE✰ Silver6'42401N/AN/AVertical Threat6461744311
89player placeholderVictor VikesMLB★ Bronze6'5250RN/AN/ABlitzing LB3165443511
90player placeholderKevin ColemanDE★ Bronze 6'62801N/AN/ARun Stopper373238516
91player placeholderAsher HarlessDT✰ Silver6'32901N/AN/ASpeed Rusher476064496
92player placeholderQuan HendersonDT★ Bronze 6'3303RN/AN/APower Rusher3143364411
94player placeholderBrad EstepMLB★ Bronze6'22451N/AN/ABlitzing LB346045376
95player placeholderDavid AllenK★ Bronze5'9160RN/AN/ALong Range303030656
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idk but I check every players stats some don’t have any and some do is there somthing like a playing time

Edley Romeus

I check edley moss stats it says he did not play a game game yet?

Last edited 8 months ago by Edley Romeus
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