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idaho bone crushers roster

The Idaho Bone Crushers Backbreaker Football League roster contains a total of 39 active players which are a combination of 7 gold players, 2 silver, and 29 bronze players.  This list is auto-sorted by player jersey number, but can be sorted by name, position, height, weight, experience, college, or even high school. 

Season 1

#PlayerPositionHTWTEXPCollegeHigh School
0korBone CrusherMLB6'6280RN/AN/A
1usaTyrell WallaceQB6'0195RN/AN/A
2usaAlvin JohnsonQB6'1205RN/AN/A
3usaSkull CrusherS6'1210RN/AN/A
4usaJake JohnsonWR5'7177RN/AN/A
5usaChase McGodRB5'9160RDab UniversityWest Canaan High
6usaElijah RiddleWR5'9190RN/AN/A
7usaJackson WiegelRB6'0200RN/AN/A
9usaJamarcus BlitzCB6'2208RN/AN/A
10usaDan CarterQB6'42252N/AN/A
13usaHunter CassnerCB, KR, PR5'101873N/AN/A
15usaMichael JenninngsWR6'4215RN/AN/A
16usaDerek StarCB6'21871N/AN/A
17usaLamar OdenCB6'1205RN/AN/A
21usaDeondre HarrisonS6'2211RHinds LibertyN/A
23usaRyan SvahnRB5'11210RN/AShiloh Christian High
24usaDaniel FarleyCB, PR6'1198RTexahomaN/A
32usaBlake LongRB6'02302N/AN/A
40usaVan AustinTE6'6247RN/AN/A
41usaDaniel NewmanC6'2285RN/AN/A
45usaJ.J. JohnsonTE6'6267RN/AN/A
46usaJake FlexmanOLB6'2266RTexahomaN/A
51usaKil ChaseDE6'4244RN/AN/A
56usaSammy DietrichRG6'4301RN/AN/A
57usaZachary JonesLG6'3297RN/AN/A
72usaJustin FieldsRT6'7336RN/AN/A
75usaJasen JadeLT6'7317RN/AN/A
77usaWill BostonLG6'7317RN/AN/A
80usaAndrew SpikesPR, WR5'10185RN/AN/A
85usaMax HurtDT6'7330RN/AN/A
86usaJavon HanesTE6'6274RN/AN/A
89usaSanjays JonesWR5'9186RMiamiN/A
91jpnYi KicksK, P5'7158RN/AN/A
94usaJacob WilliamsDE6'4260RN/AN/A
95usaMax PainDT6'5323RN/AN/A
99usaTrench BullyDT, N6'4315RN/AN/A
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