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la stars Roster

The LA Stars Roster contains a total of 37 active players which are a combination of 5 gold players, 3 silver, and 29 bronze players.  This list is auto-sorted by player jersey number, but can be sorted by name, position, height, weight, experience, college, or even high school.

Season 1

#PlayerPositionHTWTEXPCollegeHigh School
0usaJordan McKenzieQB6'0195RN/AN/A
1usaLeon SandcastleCB, K, KR, P, PR, WR6'1195RN/AN/A
2usaDeuce DouglasRB5'10175RN/AN/A
3usaDonquez ChamblissKR, WR5'7171RN/AN/A
5usaT.J. StarrCB, KR, PR, WR5'11190RN/AN/A
6usaJordan MooreQB6'2210RN/AN/A
7usaJulius WilliamsQB6'2210RVirginia TechN/A
9usaDemarcus StewartRB6'1222RN/AN/A
11usaBall Hog EvansRB5'1215RN/AN/A
13usaJacoby Walker IIIPR, WR5'9160RN/AN/A
21usaLucas OsbornCB6'1200RSlapahoe UniversityN/A
23usaBeric SweddleS6'2210RN/AN/A
25usaBrayden LaFlameRB6'1215RN/AN/A
27usaSon YosCB6'12071N/AN/A
31usaAndrew HopkinsCB6'1190RN/AN/A
32usaBig Prime TimeMLB6'3280RN/AN/A
47usaAdam KellyOLB6'3250RN/AN/A
48usaRyan AklinskiTE6'4244RN/AN/A
53usaBruce ChandlerMLB6'3233RN/AN/A
57usaCaiden CageOLB6'3250RN/AN/A
58usaMark AnthonyLT6'2294RN/AN/A
59usaSteve MaddenC6'0288RN/AN/A
60usaBen SmothersRG6'3285RN/AN/A
61usaEric GamerLG6'4294RN/AN/A
69usaSteve MilojevicS6'22151N/AN/A
78usaKayden LuiDT6'63033N/AN/A
79usaRicky RulerRT6'5292RN/AN/A
81usaCameron MorganTE6'3235RN/AN/A
87usaDandre CartlidgeDE, TE6'4244RN/AN/A
88usaChris JohnsonWR6'0185RN/AN/A
94usaFred MercilessDT, N6'2301RN/AN/A
98usaLeroy HamiltonDE6'6270RN/AN/A
99usaFreight TrainDT6'7334RN/AN/A
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