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Miami Sharks Roster

The Miami Sharks roster contains a total of 40 active players which are a combination of 5 gold players, 4 silver, and 31 bronze players.  This list is auto-sorted by player jersey number, but can be sorted by name, position, height, weight, experience, college, or even high school.

Season 1

#PlayerPositionHTWTEXPCollegeHigh School
1usaLane LacyKR, PR5'91802N/AN/A
2usaDeandre YoungRB6'2224RN/AN/A
3canRalph RaynerRB5'9185RN/AN/A
4usaJohn BriscottQB6'4215RN/AN/A
6usaDante BakerWR6'1170RN/AN/A
12usaWest JohnsonWR6'32103N/AN/A
13usaWillie BeamenQB5'9195RN/AN/A
14usaCoby TannerCB6'2194RN/AN/A
15usaRandy HitmanOLB6'32551N/AN/A
18usaLevil HunterTE6'1239RN/AN/A
19usaCap RooneyQB6'0215RN/AN/A
22usaEggy JacksonK6'4160RN/AN/A
23usaKobe RyanCB6'0180RN/AN/A
24usaCharles FlowersCB6'2204RN/AN/A
25usaKing BlancoS6'12071N/AN/A
33usaJulian WashingtonRB6'2215RN/AN/A
34usaEli EricksonRB5'10224RN/AN/A
35usaAce SkylerTE6'2235RN/AN/A
36usaDenver MaxwellCB6'0204RN/AN/A
42usaKarl TirpitzS6'1220RN/AN/A
43usaAlex JonesP6'3177RN/AN/A
48usaRic Flair IIMLB, TE6'22401N/AN/A
51usaJoe BertzDE6'4275RN/AN/A
52usaChad Cody WattsOLB6'22451N/AN/A
54usaJack BrownDT, N6'2330RN/AN/A
55usaSeon MadDT6'4330RN/AN/A
58usaLuther SharkMLB6'3240RN/AN/A
59usaAnthony PeterCB6'0202RN/AN/A
67usaJohn ConnerRT6'6310RN/AN/A
73usaJohnny GoodmanRG6'6315RN/AN/A
77usaShawn DavidsonDT6'0300RN/AN/A
86usaJordan CallawayWR6'01901N/AN/A
88usaJimmy SandersonKR, PR, WR6'2190RN/AN/A
90usaTim BretonDE6'52502N/AN/A
91usaJack RiceLT6'4309RN/AN/A
92usaRay GivensLG6'3300RN/AN/A
98usaBobby FlankC6'1310RN/AN/A
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