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San Diego Sabers Roster

The San Diego Sabers roster contains a total of 40 active players which are a combination of 5 gold players, 4 silver, and 31 bronze players.  This list is auto-sorted by player jersey number, but can be sorted by name, position, height, weight, experience, college, or even high school.

Season 1

#PlayerPositionHTWTEXPCollegeHigh School
0usaAir FranchiseQB, S6'1208RN/AN/A
0usaJimmie PicksCB5'10185RN/AN/A
1usaFrank LaurenKR, WR6'12001N/AN/A
2usaSean CollinsFB6'1230RN/AN/A
3usaMalik WrightQB6'0203RN/AN/A
5usaJameel PittmanRB5'9170RDab UniversityN/A
5usaDevin McCaffreyKR, PR5'91602N/AN/A
8usaJay PryorQB6'12111N/AN/A
12usaPrince NahmoWR6'22001N/AN/A
15usaDevin HamiltonP5'10177RN/AN/A
20usaJordan JonesRB5'10200RBristol UniversityN/A
20usaChase CholeCB6'0200RN/AN/A
22usaKyle FreemanCB6'1190RN/AN/A
23usaSavage AllenFB5'11230RN/AN/A
24usaVonnie TreondayCB6'1200RN/AN/A
25usaOlivier FauchetS6'1203RN/AN/A
38usaJackie BryantK5'8158RN/AN/A
51usaEric FieldsRG6'5302RN/AN/A
52usaBailey ChubbRT6'338RN/AN/A
52jpnDon Li PressureDE6'3228RN/AN/A
54usaTed LawlessMLB6'4250RN/AN/A
55usaK.J. DexterOLB6'2227RN/AN/A
55usaMike SabersC6'2338RN/AN/A
62usaDorian BradyLG6'2320RN/AN/A
69usaJake GenetteyLT6'6321RN/AN/A
80usaWes MorrisonTE6'4233RN/AN/A
81usaDerwin DavisWR6'0190RN/AN/A
84usaBrian HouseTE6'4239RN/AN/A
88usaJason PittsWR6'1210RN/AN/A
88usaDanny PhantomWR6'42101N/AN/A
89usaCarlos CotoTE6'5240RN/AN/A
91usaDesmond WatkinsDT, N6'4300RN/AN/A
92usaKurt ShockDE6'3278RN/AN/A
93usaJoshua AllenDT6'4325RN/AN/A
97usaClyde SimmonsMLB6'1240RN/AN/A
97usaQuinn AndersonDT6'4290RN/AN/A
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