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Backbreaker highlights from week 10 of the throwback BFL league.  The Scorpions and Team Underarmour both entered week 10 with 7-2 records.  Which team will take control of the ABFC division?  The pathetic NBFC East is led by Ohio State at 4-4-1.  The Michigan Wolverines lost to a high school football team lol.  The San Diego Sabers hand the Saints their first lost of the season.

Varsity Blues vs Any Given Sunday!  The West Canaan Coyotes and the Miami Sharks matched up in week 10 and Tweeder set the league record with 21 catches, 301 yds, and 5 touchdowns.

The Louisiana Mud Dogs beat the Chicago Bears 20-13, meanwhile the Miami Hurricanes and Carolina Panthers couldn’t mustard a single point.

The Replacements vs Remember The Titans!  The Washington Sentinels were destroyed by a high school football team 42-3.  Enough said.

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